Wear resistance copper alloy YM-1

YM-1 has an excellent wear resistance property by a high hardness and high strength.

It is composed with β+intermetallic compound .Heat treatment after forging is needless. For that it is an excellent wear resistance having high strength ,available in the high load zone.

Concept of development
■Should be lead free

For matching to the environmental effects of harmful material -reach from various kinds of wastes and a movement to prohibit or declease contain of harmful material in RoHS directive and ELV directive.

■Having an excellent wear resistance property

Hardness and strengh shoud be higher and higher.

■Should be castable by continuous casting

Hybrid-metal (Welding)

Done the required amount on the required portion.

In circumstances of the cost- down demand on price,make copper alloys to weld the required amount on the required portion since base metal copper is limited resource and expencsive.
And in copper alloys products, on a portion of that sliding characteristic is needless , steels or cast iron are able to be substituted for copper alloys.So that the cost-down for unwrought material may be ealizable. In addition, goods with higher capability may be realizable to do so.
We will to try for various subjects under customer’s needs.