We manufacture and sell the processed goods having high quality in copper alloys castings and extrusions under various customized specifications that are from the final machined to the surface treatment like Ni-Cr plating ,Non-lead and others.
And as a recycling -oriented company, basically , the scraps like turning tips, the rest of castings and others that are broken out at in-house when the production processes are reused in new goods after remelting.

Machined parts in copper alloys for the industrial machineries , facilities , equipment and others

Nuts, oilless-bushes, sliding plates and other parts for the forging press machine, the injection machine, the dies casting machine ,the construction machine and so on. And manufacture various machines parts like gears ,worm-wheels for the reducer and stern tubes in ship and others depending on the conditions and specifications.

Main products

Bushes for the construction machine
Bushes and nuts for the injection machine
Bushes for the hydraulic cylinder
Copper alloy's parts for ships-related

Water supply-related parts

Joetsu bronz1 corporation manufactures continuous casings in copper alloys. And supply the high quality goods added to the machine process in various machines and measuring devices and equipment.
Joetsu will to respond to customer's wide needs as well as main parts for a water supply and a hot water supply equipment.

Main products

Upper case on water meter
Header(manifold) as device on the water distribution
Parts for resin pipe joint