LF5A is low cost and lead free bronze .Tin(Sn) and bismuth(Bi) those are expensive elements are reduced while keep the specified and aimed characteristic.

LF5A has the same charactaristics as previous or usaual lead free bronze and it is lead free bi-bronze manufactured in low cost.(Available for parts related water supply like fittings and joints and so on )

LF5A continuous castings
LF5A(Elbow 50)

Typical uses

■Valves concerned ■Fittings for a drinking water and or waste water ■Plumbing in water ■General industrial machinery

(JIS CAC232)

Good recyclability that allows mixture of multible elements.And has an excellent dezincfication resistance even though it is a kind of brass. "NEXTBRASS(JIS CAC232)" is the lead free brass having dezicification resistance.

Nextbrass(JIS CAC232) has an excellent dezincification resistance compaired with nomal brass.
Nextbrass cost is lower and lead free brass having an excellent dizincification resistance and good recyclability.

CAC232C (continuous castings)
CAC232 (Strainer)